Ton Patummas

I am a landscape, wedding and portrait photographer who enjoys telling stories and capturing inspirational moments with each  frame.  A photograph can be as cinematic, and intimate all at once.   Nature whether it is our own human nature or the physical world is a vast pallet of emotion, color, and light; that is beautiful, wondrous, awe inspiring, and striking all at once.  It is the dynamic nature of our world that I aim to capture.  It is my hope for those who happen to journey across the photos I share to come away with some additive inspiration to their life.

Whether I am capturing a wedding or trekking out to frame a landscape,  it is my goal to capture the intimate pieces of time that we are blessed to witness in our lives. I diligently treat my client's projects with as much respect  that I provide to my own personal projects.  Please contact me for any landscape, wedding, and portrait photography needs or if you would like to collaborate on any projects in the future.